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Yes the old Guest Book has been discontinued...

Selected Guest Book comments received in past years appear below.  If you have comments about this site you would like to share, please go here and submit them via email.  Unless you specify otherwise, they will be posted below if the content is suitable. 


Sandy from Pawhuska, Oklahoma: Enjoyed it.

Ronan from France:  Un grand bravo pour ce site tres bien fait.  Bonne continuation.

Thierry N. from France:  ...mais ou sont les brunes?

Rob Lewis from Wales:  A really good site, perhaps poets such as myself could one day feature on your site.  Please keep up the great work you do.  Best wishes from Wales, UK.

Chuck Starling, Yorba Linda, California: Beautiful!!!!!!!!

Jane from the UK:  Great site keep up the good work.

Robyn from Pennsylvania:  Hi, your poetry is very well written.  I also enjoyed the pictures you have displayed throughout the site.  Terrific web site!  I will surely return frequently. 

Bonnie from Wisconsin:  What a beautiful web site!  Best wishes and may all your dreams come true. 

Joan Collins from the USA:  Love ya.  Thanks!!

Carl from Louisville, Kentucky:  Hello Ms. Borum.  Nice poetry.  I will enjoy seeing new excerpts. Thanks!

Espen A. Stulen from Norway: I LOVE YOU!!!

Barry Cannon from England: Best wishes from England.  -- From the author of TUBES.

Eric B. from Albuquerque, New Mexico:  Beautiful site!!!

Terrance Moore from Missouri:  This is all very good! Keep at it.

Kayla from Alexandria, Virginia: Very, very nice.

Stu Jenks from Tuscon, Arizona: A beautiful web site you have...thanks for the book...very passionate work...the smell of the woods and the water comes through.  Love and light.

Kurt Heuffner from Germany: You have a beautiful soul fair Maggie.  Thank  you.

George Lee from Maine: You're a great poet Maggie. I loved every bit of it.

Tanya from Maryland: I really enjoy reading your poems!

Collin from Bellvue, Washington: I think I love you.  "Powell's Point" - so cool.  Thanks for the lift.

Tasha from Chicago: Beautiful site and words.

Black Orchid from the USA: We enjoyed your work!

Kaitlyn Barnett from Cleveland, Ohio: Hi Maggie.  I really enjoyed my visit.  Your poetry is exquisite.  I especially enjoyed "Free" - very compelling.  Continue your works!  Best of luck to you.

LilyNBlue from Indiana: Nice site...enjoyed my visit!

John Ritenhour from New Hampshire: Great words!  Looking forward to seeing more.